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5 Signs You Need Your Roof Inspected This Spring

Was anyone else super excited about yesterday’s weather? The sunshine was absolutely glorious, and was, what? 5˚c in the afternoon?

With the warmer weather well on its way, it’s a perfect time to step out and take a good look at your roof, even if it’s “not that old”. We’ve comprised a list of 5 things to look for to determine whether or not to have a professional inspect your roof this spring.

1. Major/Minor Leaks

Not all leaks drip dramatically through the ceiling into a bucket on your kitchen table. It’s usually a good idea to have a look in your attic space for any dampness that could lead to mold or rot.

2. Ice Buildups

Large dams of ice on your roof are sure sign that something is wrong. Ice is almost always caused by heat loss through your attic space due to poor insulation.

3. Curling or Cracking Shingles

Shingles that are cracked or curling at the corners are an indication that your roof’s life is coming to an end. If your shingles are in poor shape and your roof is “not that old”, this may be caused by inadequate ventilation in your attic space.

4. Missing shingles

Blow-offs need to be replaced immediately and a detailed inspection of your roof needs to be completed to determine exactly why your house is going bald.

5. Sagging Roof Deck

Whether it’s a single dip in an otherwise flat side, or your roof looks like a rippled potato chip, you need to get someone up there to check the structural integrity of both the roof deck and the joists.


We hope you found this list useful and, if your roof has any of these symptoms, you don’t hesitate to call us or shoot us an email. All of our inspections and estimates are free of charge, and we conduct emergency repairs 7 days a week.

Happy Spring!


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