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Updates for 2016

Wow, this year has been an adventure already!

I'll take this moment now to apologize for the lack of updates; I'm still transitioning into being a work-at-home mom of two!

Seriously, who can do work when there's this much cuteness around?

(This may or may not have been posted to distract you from my failure at digital marketing...)

Anyway, we've been working hard to offer our clients even more than we did in 2015.  Jon has recently completed programs to become a certified installer of both IKO and Velux products, meaning his skills and reputation meet these manufacturers' high standards.

Now, as an IKO ShieldPRO Plus+ Certified Contractor, we are able to provide your home with an extended manufacturer's warranty, as well as our own 10 Year Workmanship Warranty.  Are you excited?  We are.

I'm buckling down and doing my best to keep the website and our Facebook page updated, so keep an eye out for more news and pictures!

P.S.   Please rate us and leave a review on Facebook; we love hearing from you!

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